Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This document concerns the treatment of your privacy

For proper treatment it is legally required by WGBO that I, as your therapist, create a case file regarding your care. Your case file contains information about your treatment, including your health status, diagnosis, treatment plan, and the signed treatment agreement/informed consent forms.

Your case file also includes session notes, which are a necessary part of your treatment. In certain circumstances, and only after explicit signed consent by you, information from your general practitioner (Huisarts) or other (mental) health care professionals might be included in your case file.

I, as your therapist, do my best to protect your privacy. This means that I:

  • Carefully store your case file in a locked filing cabinet
  • Ensure that unauthorized people do not have access to your case file

As your therapist, I must legally maintain your confidentiality. Therefore, I am the only one with access to your complete case file.

The information in your case file might also be used under the following circumstances:

  • To request or inform other (mental) health care professionals of your mental health situation, for example if I need to consult with a colleague who is also working with your child or if I need to refer you to a different provider. This only happens under explicit signed consent by you.
  • For appointed colleagues during my possible absence, if this becomes necessary.
  • For anonymous review during peer supervision between colleagues, if necessary.
  • For financial administration, a few of your personal details from your case file are used, so that I and/or my bookkeeper can create invoices and declare taxes.

If for any other reason I need to use your personal details, I will always first ask you for explicit signed consent.

The information in your case file with be saved for 15 years, as required by law for all treatment agreements.


Insurance companies require that certain personal information is listed on the invoice in order to receive reimbursement of fees:

  • Your name and postal address
  • Your date of birth
  • The date of treatment
  • A short description of the treatment (‘behandeling psychotherapie’) and code 24500
  • The cost of the consult